Wireless 4G LTE High-Speed Internet Available for $50/Month

4G LTE & 5G Internet

Rhoonet High-speed 4G LTE and 5G Home internet provide an unlimited high-speed internet solution for:

  • Remote workers
  • Home schoolers
  • Remote construction sites including mission critical applications, while providing you reliability and coverage to reach your workforce nationwide.

What Do You Get with the High-Speed Home Internet?

With a confirmed availability at your address, you will get an “easy to install” wireless router/hotspot which will provide you greater speeds and advanced performance due to the incredible growth of 5G and 4G LTE on the network. The solution includes unlimited fixed wireless connectivity, a 5G/4G LTE router and pre-configured content filtering – all for a single monthly recurring charge of

$50 Monthly for Unlimited Fixed Wireless Internet.

Does the Home Office Internet Come with 5G Technology?

The answer is yes if the 5G is available at the location. If not, the router is then programmed with 4G LTE. Again, this is all based on availability.


Can I use my own router with the Home Internet service?

You can not use your own router with the Home Internet service plan. The plan comes with a wireless router that is free to use.


Can I get the service anywhere in the continental USA?

This high-speed wireless internet solution is only available to eligible addresses across the nationwide network. All customer availability is subject to a prequalification process.