About Rhoonet

Stephen Kota
Stephen Kota, Rhoonet Publisher

Hello, I am Stephen Kota, the publisher of Rhoonet. Here is a bit of a background on how Rhoonet came about. In 1996, I was hired by Hughes Network Systems, LLC along with twelve other sales managers across North America to promote, market and recruit rural satellite TV resellers who would directly market the DirecPC brand (Now, HughesNet); a satellite internet product for rural communities throughout the continental United States and Canada. It was a brilliant idea, since these resellers were already selling satellite related products to consumers and businesses in their respective communities.

The DirecPC satellite internet product was a game changer for rural businesses and consumers who were still relying on dial-up internet at the time for connectivity. However, by 2004; remote workers and distant learners were demanding more speeds and lower latency to access their applications in an effort to be more productive in their respective tasks. HughesNet delivered the answer; a next generation satellite technology known as SpaceWay; which was much faster than the DirecPc version. The solution was branded HughesNet. The applications continued to demand more bandwidth, speeds, and much lower lag-times.

During this epic journey, I discovered and became educated on the vast areas of North America that was under-served and unserved for high-speed broadband availability. In this process, I also discover cellular broadband; 3G and 4G LTE which, I realized is much faster than satellite broadband, but was still an unknown broadband solution for most businesses and consumers.

We create and publish articles and videos about wireless 4G LTE and 5G internet connectivity for rural businesses, applications and consumers located in rural communities across the United States and Canada. The stories we publish are especially geared towards distant learning, remote workers, tele-medicine, remote office environment, Internet of things, enhanced VoIP over 4G LTE and 5G wireless connection including a host of challenging internet connectivity.

One in four people in rural areas say they can’t find fast internet where they live – and almost just as many say they never go online because they can’t get a good connection. At Rhoonet, we’re hoping to shed light on the rural internet issues that affect people in the United States – and to educate and enlighten people in rural areas with internet solutions including hardware that work.

We want to help you:

  • Explore your rural internet options. You have multiple internet options as a rural internet user – even if your home or business is located too far from the local hub to access cable or fiber internet. Explore all your options and learn how recent developments in cellular and satellite technology are creating new choices for people who want fast connections in rural areas.
  • Understand your internet needs. Every rural internet option has a different download speed, upload speed, latency, and data limit – so understanding your requirements is key. To discover which internet option is best for you, learn more about the minimum speed and bandwidth requirements for activities like streaming video, online gaming, and listening to music.
  • Get the most out of your rural internet connection. With proper installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance, you can have a better internet experience without making any drastic changes. Discover techniques for improving the strength and reliability of your current connection – whether that’s changing your router settings or adjusting your booster antenna setup.