Home Internet Coverage, Speeds and Signal Strength

Vast Coverage Everywhere

Due to the expansion of our nationwide 5G network which currently covers over 90% of Americans in more than 9,100 cities and towns with Extended Range 5G, the 4G LTE network has also gained more availability in the rural and unserved markets, and its performance speeds have increased tremendously.

Moving forward, 5G should grow to cover 99% of Americans.


Blazing Speeds on All Devices

The network is at work everyday building and rolling out the 5G Infrastructure including the 5G speeds as fast as the Wi-Fi network. All of this work is being done at record speed in order to meet customer satisfaction.

This effort will cover over 165 million Americans with our high-performance, Ultra Capacity 5G.


Greater Signal Strength

If you are looking for a cellular signal that travels further away and creates excellent coverage both indoors and outdoors, than Extended Range 5G is the ultimate answer!

This implies a solid connection in rural communities as well as metropolitan areas with congestions.


Benefits: Cutting through the Fixed Wireless Chase

  • A Single Plan with a Single Rate.
  • No Increase in Price. No annual Service Agreement. All Cost are transparent.
  • Faster Speeds, Reliable Signals over a strong network
  • No hardware cost on Home Internet Plan
  • Easy to Setup with 24/7 Tech Support