Does your Remote Home-Based Office Require an 4G LTE Internet Failover?

The average home loses internet for 29 hours every year due to internet outages – many which happen during work hours. If an outage will prevent you from getting your work done, you could benefit from installing an internet failover in your home office. A failover protects your home from outages due to heavy network traffic, damaged cables, system failure, or intentional sabotage.

A failover is a backup internet option that keeps you online when your primary internet connection goes down. It lets you work through interruptions in service so you don’t lose touch with coworkers or miss critical hours of work when your cable or fiber internet goes offline.

Staying Connected with the Main Office

More than 40% of workers want to work remotely at least some of the time, but businesses are sometimes skeptical of work from home. To reassure your employer, a reliable internet connection is key. A bad connection can decrease your efficiency and responsiveness – which can cause your boss and coworkers to lose faith in your ability to complete your tasks remotely.

A reliable internet connection with a failover keeps you up to date with coworkers on platforms like Slack and Zoom, which can improve remote productivity by 20% to 25%. A failover ensures you never miss a meeting or a deadline because you lost internet at a critical point in your workday.

Internet Outage Can Slow Down Your Business Operation

An internet outage can keep you from accessing the online applications you use for work – and dealing with the outage can drain your energy and leave you feeling burnt out. Many internet outages are caused by network issues outside your control, so spending hours troubleshooting the issue with your internet provider can be a frustrating and ultimately very futile experience.

An internet failover lets you work through an internet outage while your internet provider troubleshoots the issue on their own. Your internet router will automatically connect to the failover when your wired connection is down, then switch back as soon as it goes online again.

Getting a Reliable 4G LTE Failover for your Remote Office

As internet outages increase around the world, cable and fiber internet connections are less reliable than ever. Luckily wireless internet connections are less vulnerable to physical damage than these connections, which is why many people use wireless internet as a failover solution.

Fixed mobile internet is the best internet failover for most home offices. This failover option consists of a wireless 5G or 4G LTE connection installed on a Wi-Fi router. It connects your home to the internet via local cell towers and exchanges internet data over the same radio frequency bands as cell phones – but it’s much stronger than a cell phone or a mobile hotspot.

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