Does Your Small Business Need an Internet Failover?

Most small businesses can benefit from an internet failover, which protects you from internet outages caused by heavy network traffic, damaged cables, sabotage, or system failure. Almost 75% of businesses experience some downtime every year due to internet outages – and the average business ends up losing more than 40 hours, or five business days, of work.

A wireless failover option keeps your business online when your primary internet connection goes down. This backup internet option gives you full access to the online applications you need to make sales, support remote employees, and keep your business safe. With an internet failover in place, you won’t lose critical hours of work during a cable or fiber internet outage.

Accept Mobile Payments When the Internet is Down

People increasingly expect businesses to offer online services, even when they visit your physical location. For example, if customers can’t use mobile payments at your business because the internet is down, they’re between 10% and 15% less likely to make a purchase.

An internet failover keeps your payment system online at all times, so you’ll never have to deny a customer transaction just because your primary internet connection won’t process it. A more reliable payment system can increase sales, as well as customer trust in your payment system.

Maintain Contact with Remote Employees

More people are working from home than ever before and your main office may need to manage workflows with video apps like Zoom, chat apps like Slack, or task management apps like Asana. Whether your employees choose to work from home or simply have to stay home for the time being, an internet failover ensures you never lose contact with your remote workers.

Keep Your Security System Online

Many businesses use an internet-connected security system to protect their business locations. Business owners can monitor their location remotely with these security systems, but they only work when you have an internet connection, which leaves them vulnerable to internet outages.

While most internet outages are just accidents, some are actually intentional sabotage by people hoping to break into your business. A failover connection protects you when someone targets your business location, attempting to take your security system offline for a break-in.

Wireless 4G LTE or 5G Provides reliable internet Failover for your business

Fixed wireless internet is a wireless 5G or 4G LTE connection installed on a Wi-Fi router. It connects to the internet via local cell towers – exchanging internet data over the same radio frequency bands as cell phones, but it’s much stronger than a cell phone or a mobile hotspot.

Wireless internet connections are less vulnerable to physical damage than wired connections. For this reason, many people use fixed wireless internet as a failover internet option that automatically kicks in if their primary cable internet connection goes down for any reason.

Fixed wireless internet is a reliable wireless failover connection and a fast primary internet option for rural businesses without cable or fiber access.

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