Publish your Blog Post on Rhoonet

Guest Post Information

Want to publish your blog post on Rhoonet? We’re always looking for industry experts and vendors to contribute fresh ideas and research that touches on rural internet issues. These guest posts help us take an expert deep dive into new topics or products that are relevant to our rural readers – things other authors haven’t yet covered on our blog.

Before you submit a guest post, read through a few of our blog posts to understand our style and which topics we’ve already covered on the site. The best guest post submissions take a unique viewpoint on an existing topic or introduce our readers to something completely new.

Guest Post Guidelines

We think Rhoonet is a great place to launch your original content. We’re looking for unique posts that you haven’t already published – and that you don’t plan to publish on another blog.

Our guest posts cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to rural internet users, such as: wireless internet, wireless internet equipment, rural broadband expansion, Agri-tech, online business best practices, and smart home best practices. These fall into three basic categories.

Product posts explain how unfamiliar internet technology, like new wireless internet equipment, can benefit rural internet users. They focus on products like wireless routers and antennas.

Research posts present new or original research, including details about the methodology and results. For example, a research post might track real internet speeds in rural areas.

Instructive posts give step by step instructions on rural internet topics. For example, an instructive post might explain how to set up equipment or get a better rural internet signal.

The strongest submissions also have:

  • A clear and friendly tone, with very few typos or other mistakes
  • Recent data, with the sources linked in the text
  • Images, labeled for reuse or used with the proper permissions
  • Links to other Rhoonet blog posts, where relevant

When you write your submission, make sure you:

  • Keep your post under 2,000 words
  • Use H2s, H3s, and H4s to break up the text
  • Have an editor (or Grammarly) look over your finished work
  • Save your document in Word or Google Docs

We don’t usually pay for content from guest authors, so make sure to include links to your products or personal blog throughout your guest post content. We appreciate the value that good guest posts add to our site and we want you to see value from your contribution too.

How to Submit your Blog Post

To submit your post, send an email to Make sure it includes:

  • The subject line “Guest post: [title]”
  • Your blog post as a Word attachment or Google Doc link
  • Images in the .jpg or .png formats
  • A short author bio with social media links

If your blog post is something we think would work on our site, we‘ll let you know by email within a week. At that point, we may need to make edits to your original draft – which we’ll send to you for approval. Edits can take a few weeks, but your post will usually be published within a month.

Rhoonet reserves the right to reject any submission that we don’t think will work on the site, as well as the right to update, republish, or remove a published guest post at any time. If you publish your post on Rhoonet, please don’t republish it on LinkedIn or Medium – although we do encourage you to share a link to the Rhoonet post on any of your social media accounts.

Thank you so much for considering sending us your work! We look forward to reading your submission.