Is Your Restaurants in Need of a Wireless 4G LTE Internet Failover?

Most restaurants can benefit from an internet failover. A failover protects your business from outages due to heavy network traffic, damaged cables, system failure, or intentional sabotage. It ensures that you can continue serving customers when you’d normally have an internet outage.

A failover is a backup internet option that keeps you online when your primary connection goes down. It lets your restaurant work through interruptions in service so you don’t lose access to critical applications or mobile payment options when your cable or fiber internet goes offline.

Preserve and Work Through an Internet Outage

Restaurants depend on online applications to manage employee schedules, order inventory, take reservations, and accept takeout orders – which is why an internet outage can force your restaurant to grind to a halt. In the fast-paced restaurant industry, even a short interruption can lead to scheduling issues, delayed deliveries, longer wait times, and disgruntled customers.

Mobile payments might be your business’s most important online application. When mobile payments aren’t an option, customers are 10% to 15% less likely to buy something. If your online payment system is down, your customers may decide to eat somewhere else that accepts their preferred payment method – or they might decide to spend less on their meal.

An internet failover keeps your payment system online at all times, so you’ll never have to deny a customer transaction just because your primary internet connection won’t process it. A more reliable payment system can increase sales, as well as customer trust in your establishment.

Keep All Applications Including your Security System Online

Many restaurants use internet-connected security systems to protect their businesses after hours. These security systems let you monitor your location remotely, but they only work when you have an internet connection. A late-night internet outage can take your whole system down.

While most outages are accidents, some people will intentionally sabotage your connection so they can break into your business undetected. A failover connection keeps your security system online when a thief or vandal cuts through your wired internet connection during a break-in.

What’s a Reliable Failover Solution for a Restaurant?

Internet outages are more and more common, which means it’s harder than ever to rely on a cable or fiber internet connection. Many restaurants overcome this issue by installing a wireless internet connection – which is less vulnerable to physical damage – as a failover solution.

Fixed 4G LTE or 5G mobile internet is the best wireless failover for most small businesses. Fixed mobile internet is a wireless 5G or 4G LTE connection installed on a wireless cellular router. Like a cell phone, this router connects to local cell towers to provide a wireless mobile broadband connection – but it’s much stronger than a cell phone or a mobile hotspot.

Fixed mobile internet is a powerful failover option, as well as a fast-primary internet option for rural businesses that don’t have access to cable or fiber internet.

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