Top Online Games During the Coronavirus Crisis – and Their Data Use

During the coronavirus crisis, people are turning to gaming as a way to have fun and connect with friends without leaving home. As gaming replaces other hobbies and hangouts, Xbox One and Playstation 4 console sales have jumped 25% in March 2020 over March 2019, and Nintendo Switch sales have grown an astounding 200%.

So what are people playing on these consoles? A few new games have become incredibly popular in the last couple months, boosted by a larger and more engaged audience of players. Let’s take a closer look at the five most popular games and how much internet data each uses.

5 Online Games to Play in Quarantine

Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale expansion for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. You don’t need to own the base game to play Warzone though – anyone can download the 100 GB standalone version for free. The game attracted 6 million people on launch day. Since then, more than 50 million people have played the game. It uses about 175 MB of data per hour.

FIFA 20 is the latest version of the classic soccer simulation, with updated players, arenas, and gameplay. More than 20 million people play this updated iteration. Its file size ranges from just over 12 GB to more than 40 GB, depending on the console, and it uses about 30 MB of data per hour.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the newest addition to the popular Animal Crossing series, a kid-friendly life simulation that’s only available on Nintendo Switch. Eleven million people, including celebrities like Elijah Wood and Marzia Kjellberg, play this popular version of a classic game. It has a file size of just over 6 GB and uses about 10 MB of data per hour.

Doom Eternal is the latest sequel to the first-person shooter DOOM. This new release has surpassed the popularity of the original game and three previous sequels by drawing more than 100,000 concurrent players on launch day. It has a file size of about 40 to 60 GB and uses approximately 20 to 50 MB of data per hour.

Mario Kart 8: Deluxe is a remastered, “definitive” version of the classic racing game. Like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this title is only available on Nintendo Switch. About 25 million people now play the newest version of this game, which has a file size of 6.8 GB and uses up to 250 MB of data per hour.

Fixed Wireless Internet Options for Rural Gamers

For many people, gaming is a way to safely hang out with friends, meet new people, and stay entertained during the long days at home. In rural areas, though, many are sheltering in places without access to cable internet. For these people, fixed 5G or 4G LTE is an excellent internet option that’s fast enough to support games like Call of Duty and Animal Crossing.

For online games, you need an internet connection with a download speed of at least 3 Mbps, an upload speed of 1 Mbps, and a latency of 100 milliseconds. Fixed wireless internet has an average download speed of up to 34 Mbps on 600 MHz 5G and 20 Mbps on 4G LTE in rural areas. Average upload speeds can top 5 Mbps and average latency is around 35 milliseconds.

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