Which 4G LTE Data Plan is Right for Me?

You can save money on fixed wireless internet by choosing a plan with a data limit of 75 GB or 100 GB per month, rather than one with unlimited data. To find out if one of these limited data plans would work for you, let’s take a closer look at the use you’ll get out of each type of plan.

Video Streaming

People stream an average of up to eight hours of video every day – almost 250 hours every month. Online video uses much more data than anything else so, for most people, the number of hours of video they stream each month will determine which data plan works for them.

The data you use video streaming depends on the quality of the stream – which is based on the display resolution of your device – as well as which streaming service you’re using. Disney+ and Netflix tend to use more than Prime Video, Hulu, and YouTube, although the numbers aren’t too different. Here’s how many hours of Netflix you can watch each month, based on video quality.

Low SD HD Ultra HD
75 GB 250 hours 110 hours 50 hours 11 hours
100 GB 333 hours 140 hours 33 hours 14 hours
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Online Gaming

While downloading a new game can use lots of data, playing online games doesn’t use much – especially considering the average gamer spends less than an hour playing games every day.

Data use varies a lot between games based on factors like gaming setup (i.e. frame rate of display and refresh rate of monitor), number of players in the game, server tick rate, and voice chat – but modern games usually use between 50 MB/hour and 150 MB/hour. Here’s how many hours of games you’ll be able to play each month, based on how much data the game uses.

50 MB/hour 100 MB/hour 150 MB/hour
75 GB 1500 hours 750 hours 500 hours
100 GB 2000 hours 1000 hours 650 hours
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Music Streaming

The average person spends more than two hours per day, or 60 hours per month, streaming music on a service like Spotify. Luckily, you don’t need much data to stream music online. Even with a limited plan, you should have enough data to stream as many hours as you’d like.

Because streaming services all use their own data protocols, you’ll always use data at slightly different rates on different services – even if you’re streaming music at the same bitrate. But here’s how many hours of Spotify you’ll be able to stream every month, based on audio quality.

96kbit/s 160kbit/s 320kbit/s
75 GB 1700 hours 1000 hours 500 hours
100 GB 2250 hours 1350 hours 700 hours
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Get a 4G LTE plan that works for you

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