Does your Remote Home-Based Office Require an 4G LTE Internet Failover?

By Stephen Kota / September 25, 2020
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The average home loses internet for 29 hours every year due to internet outages – many which happen during work hours. If an outage will prevent you from getting your work done, you could benefit from installing an internet failover in your home office. A failover protects your home from outages due to heavy network…

Does Your Small Business Need an Internet Failover?

By Stephen Kota / September 21, 2020
Internet Failover

Most small businesses can benefit from an internet failover, which protects you from internet outages caused by heavy network traffic, damaged cables, sabotage, or system failure. Almost 75% of businesses experience some downtime every year due to internet outages – and the average business ends up losing more than 40 hours, or five business days,…

Is Your Restaurants in Need of a Wireless 4G LTE Internet Failover?

By Stephen Kota / September 21, 2020

Most restaurants can benefit from an internet failover. A failover protects your business from outages due to heavy network traffic, damaged cables, system failure, or intentional sabotage. It ensures that you can continue serving customers when you’d normally have an internet outage. A failover is a backup internet option that keeps you online when your…

Do Freelancers Need an Internet Failover?

By Stephen Kota / September 19, 2020
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As internet outages increase around the world, cable and fiber internet connections are less reliable than ever. These outages are often unavoidable and outside your control as an internet user. For example, a small reconfiguration error at an upstream system provider was all it took to cut off service to Comcast, Spectrum, Verizon, Cox, and…

How Coronavirus Deliveries Are Changing Consumer Behavior

By Stephen Kota / September 15, 2020
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The coronavirus crisis has changed the way people buy and use products and services. Since the start of the crisis, for example, three in four people have bought at least one product online that they’d normally get at the store. And many plan to keep shopping this way even when the threat of COVID-19 is…

Top Online Games During the Coronavirus Crisis – and Their Data Use

By Stephen Kota / September 6, 2020
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During the coronavirus crisis, people are turning to gaming as a way to have fun and connect with friends without leaving home. As gaming replaces other hobbies and hangouts, Xbox One and Playstation 4 console sales have jumped 25% in March 2020 over March 2019, and Nintendo Switch sales have grown an astounding 200%. So…

Starting a small Rural Business after Coronavirus

By Stephen Kota / September 3, 2020
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Four in five small businesses are worried that the coronavirus crisis will force them to shutter. While starting a business isn’t what most people have in mind during an economic downturn, others see opportunities in the massive economic shift that includes increased spending on products like fast-moving consumer goods and home entertainment. Here are a…

What is Packet Loss?

By Stephen Kota / August 27, 2020
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Packet loss is what happens when some packets of internet data never make it from the server to the client (or vice versa for uploads). It’s usually measured as the percentage of packets lost relative to the total number of packets sent. When packet loss occurs, systems may send redundant requests to recover the lost…

What is an N-Type Connector?

By Hannah Fillmore-Patrick / August 25, 2020

N-Type connectors are the most common type of radio frequency (RF) connectors for coaxial cables. These hardy connectors can conduct ultra-high radio frequencies of up to 18 GHz and withstand voltages of up to 3000 VRMS. N connectors are also weatherproof and watertight – which means you can install antennas with this connector on rooftops…

What is Antenna Signal Gain?

By Hannah Fillmore-Patrick / August 23, 2020
Signal Gain

Signal gain is the strength that a booster antenna adds to your internet connection. A booster antenna can enhance the range and power of your connection. When it enhances range, signal is measured in decibels relative to an isotropic radiator (dBi). When it enhances power, it’s measured in decibels relative to a milliwatt (dBm). Gain…

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