How to Use to Check Your Fixed Wireless Internet Speeds

By Stephen Kota / April 7, 2020
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Are your fixed wireless internet speeds fast enough to support everything you want to do online, including video streaming (at least 5 Mbps download) and online gaming (at least 5 Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload)? Find out by running a speed test on Here’s how to interpret the results of a speed test, including…

Is Fixed 4G LTE or Satellite Internet Better for Online Gaming?

By Stephen Kota / April 5, 2020
featured fixed 4g lte vs satellite for gaming

Fixed wireless internet and satellite internet are often the only internet options in rural areas that don’t have access to wired options like cable internet. For gamers, these two types of wireless internet connection provide two very different user experiences. Let’s take a closer look at how fixed wireless internet and satellite internet compare when…

Is Fixed 4G LTE Internet or Satellite Internet Better for Video?

By Stephen Kota / April 3, 2020
featured fixed 4g lte vs satellite for video

In rural areas without access to wired internet options like cable, fixed wireless internet and satellite internet are often the only two choices. When it comes to online video, these two types of internet connection offer very different user experiences. Let’s take a closer look at how fixed wireless internet and satellite internet compare when…

5G Coverage in Rural Areas

By Stephen Kota / March 19, 2020
Wireless Tower in Rural Area

While high frequency 5G still isn’t available in most rural areas, 200 million people across the United States can already access 600 MHz 5G from T-Mobile. The carrier is aiming to cover as many as 96% of rural Americans with this long range 5G network – which uses new technology to increase speeds by up…

Video Quality and Data Use

By Hannah Fillmore-Patrick / March 13, 2020

The internet data you use watching online video varies widely depending on video quality. An ultra-high definition video, for example, uses more than 20 times more data than a low definition video. If you need to limit your data use, you can lower your online video quality to save data. Video quality depends on display…

More People Streaming Twitch During the Coronavirus Crisis

By Stephen Kota / February 25, 2020
Person using a tablet

As government lockdowns and fears of catching or spreading COVID-19 force people inside, many are turning to Twitch to stay entertained. In the last few months, the streaming site has seen more hours watched, hours streamed, and concurrent viewers than ever before. Viewers are Spending More Time on Twitch Between January and March 2020, people…

How Fast Is Your Rural Broadband?

By Stephen Kota / May 8, 2019
House Diagram With Rural Broadband And Cow Standing Outside

All over the country, the internet is getting faster and faster. In 2018, the mean download speed of a fixed internet connection increased by more than 35% and the mean upload speed increased by more than 20%. With these faster internet speeds, internet users can stream better quality video, have more fun playing online games,…

The Convergence of 5G, IoT, and AI

By Stephen Kota / March 5, 2019
Industry 4.0 Robot Graphic

Today, emerging internet technology draws from mobile broadband, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create strong wireless networks that support a growing number of wireless devices. This new technology has an almost limitless potential to improve our lives by giving us more control over our environments and boosting our efficiency. Let’s…

Grow Your Rural Business with Online Video

By Stephen Kota / January 12, 2019
Camera In Production Studio

At any given moment, most people using the internet on their phone, tablet, or computer are streaming video. In fact, online video now makes up a full 80% of worldwide internet traffic. By including online video in your digital marketing efforts, your rural business can reach the many people looking for video content online. Online…

10 Best-Selling Video Games to Check out in 2019

By Stephen Kota / January 12, 2019
Spider Man Kicking Villain

Are you looking for a new game to spend your time on in the new year? From Red Dead Redemption II to Marvel’s Spider-Man, last year was full of exciting new video game releases that deserve a second look in 2019. Amazon’s “Best Sellers of 2018 in Video Games” is as good a place as…

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