3G & 4G LTE: The Perfect Broadband Solution for Machine-to-Machine Transactions

By Stephen Kota / September 15, 2016

Businesses increasingly process transactions, including sales, with computers instead of with old-fashioned pen, paper, and cash. These machine-to-machine transactions and executions include mobile point of sales, Oil rig monitoring, smart vending machines, smart safe, digital signage, fail-over, portable kiosk and automatic teller machines, including online sales and mobile wallets do improve business efficiency. Unfortunately, machine-to-machine…

WiGig Router:TP Link Releases next Step for WiFi

By Stephen Kota / June 1, 2016

This month, the networking products manufacturer TP-Link released the Talon AD7200. The new Talon model is the first router to operate on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)’s 802.11ad, or WiGig, standard.The new standard transfers wireless data packets at theoretical speeds of up to 7 Gbps, far beyond the capacities of today’s commercial…

April 2016 5G Update: Diverse Stakeholders Weigh In

By Stephen Kota / May 12, 2016

With experts expect the next generation of mobile broadband to reach commercial markets in 2020, the specifics of the 5G standard are still mostly undefined. Stakeholders – experts, regulators, telecoms, and world governments ¬– agree that new networks should, in general, support large-scale data transmission with low-latency, high throughput connections processed at cloud-based hubs. The…

Complementary WiFi Is Highly Romanced by Rural Customers; Lingering in Your Restaurant for Hours

By Stephen Kota / April 25, 2016

These days, customers expect the businesses they frequent to provide reliable, free Wi-Fi. Oh yes, complementary Wi-Fi is absolutely romanced and embraced by rural patrons. Good internet is good customer service, particularly if you’re entertaining customers on site for long periods of time. Outfitting your restaurant with a reliable Wi-Fi connectionenhances the customer experience and…

Building 3G Signal: Setting up Point to Point and Point to Multi-point Configurations

By Stephen Kota / March 24, 2016

A good antenna configuration maximizes the gain of a cellular repeater system (whether a 3G signal booster antenna or another variation). This resource is a quick guide to the two types of antennas, the two types of antenna configuration, and to measuring the gain of antenna(s) during installation. Let’s start with the basics. Every antenna…

4G LTE Failover