How Coronavirus Deliveries Are Changing Consumer Behavior

By Stephen Kota / September 15, 2020
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The coronavirus crisis has changed the way people buy and use products and services. Since the start of the crisis, for example, three in four people have bought at least one product online that they’d normally get at the store. And many plan to keep shopping this way even when the threat of COVID-19 is…

Starting a small Rural Business after Coronavirus

By Stephen Kota / September 3, 2020
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Four in five small businesses are worried that the coronavirus crisis will force them to shutter. While starting a business isn’t what most people have in mind during an economic downturn, others see opportunities in the massive economic shift that includes increased spending on products like fast-moving consumer goods and home entertainment. Here are a…

The Future of VoIP Looks Bright, but There Are Still Dark Spots in Rural Service

By Stephen Kota / May 8, 2016

Telecom analysts consistently predict growth – as high as 28% in the next four years [1] – for the world’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) markets. It makes sense that consumers are rapidly adopting the technology. VoIP calling is a fraction of the cost of traditional calling and has a higher potential call quality. Unfortunately,…

Skype, Surveillance, and Hackers: Is VoIP Secure?

By Stephen Kota / March 15, 2016

Privacy and security are always concerns when parties use technology – whether analog or digital – to communicate with one another. For persons exchanging confidential material, interception by a third party can compromise sensitive information. For persons who have nothing to hide, interception compromises the principle of privacy in general. Wiretapping has been around since…

4G LTE Failover