Top Online Games During the Coronavirus Crisis – and Their Data Use

By Stephen Kota / September 6, 2020
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During the coronavirus crisis, people are turning to gaming as a way to have fun and connect with friends without leaving home. As gaming replaces other hobbies and hangouts, Xbox One and Playstation 4 console sales have jumped 25% in March 2020 over March 2019, and Nintendo Switch sales have grown an astounding 200%. So…

Which 4G LTE Data Plan is Right for Me?

By Stephen Kota / August 8, 2020
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You can save money on fixed wireless internet by choosing a plan with a data limit of 75 GB or 100 GB per month, rather than one with unlimited data. To find out if one of these limited data plans would work for you, let’s take a closer look at the use you’ll get out…

What is Client Update Rate?

By Stephen Kota / August 6, 2020
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Client update rate is how many times per second a client, like a computer or a console, processes the updates it receives from a server. When you play online games, a lower client update rate limits the number of updates you receive from game servers. A low client update rate can reduce the amount of…

What is V-synch?

By Stephen Kota / August 3, 2020

Vertical sync or v-sync is a display option that synchronizes the frame rate of your graphics card with the refresh rate of your console or computer monitor. V-sync limits frames per second (FPS) to the refresh rate of your monitor. V-sync helps prevent screen tears – when the image your screen displays is a “torn”…

How Much Data Does Zoom Use?

By Stephen Kota / July 26, 2020
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Almost 5 million people in the United States use Zoom every day. If your internet connection has a monthly data cap, spending time connecting with people on Zoom can eat into your available data. Let’s take a look at how much data Zoom uses, as well as ways you can use less data. Zoom data…

How Much Data do Podcasts Use?

By Stephen Kota / July 9, 2020

One in four people listen to at least one podcast every week. If you’re streaming audio on an internet connection that has a monthly data cap – like fixed wireless internet, for example – you may need to limit how much data you spend listening to podcasts. Let’s take a look at how much data…

Top Video Streaming Services During the Coronavirus Crisis

By Stephen Kota / May 13, 2020
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The number of hours people spend watching online video on streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu has doubled during the coronavirus crisis. People now stream an average of eight hours of online video every day and are 40% more likely to watch videos during the typical work day, instead of limiting their…

Audio Quality and Data Use

By Stephen Kota / May 2, 2020
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The internet data you use streaming audio online can vary a lot based on sound quality. A very high-quality audio stream can use as much as 15 times more data than a low-quality stream, for example. To reduce the data, you use listening to music or podcasts, lower your audio quality. Audio quality is measured…

How Are Our Video Streaming Habits Changing During Coronavirus?

By Stephen Kota / April 23, 2020
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Online video has taken center stage for many during the coronavirus crisis. The average American now watches at least eight hours of online video every day, which three quarters say is more than they watched before the crisis. People are also spending more time using video conferencing platforms like Zoom and more money on video…

Why is the Ping on my Gaming Console Higher Than on My Other Devices?

By Stephen Kota / April 13, 2020
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Many factors influence your ping time or network latency on a fixed wireless internet connection like 5G or 4G LTE – including the device you use. Because different devices have different Wi-Fi capabilities, speed test results vary across devices on the same connection. If your gaming console has a higher ping than your PC or…

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