Video Quality and Data Use

By Hannah Fillmore-Patrick / March 13, 2020

The internet data you use watching online video varies widely depending on video quality. An ultra-high definition video, for example, uses more than 20 times more data than a low definition video. If you need to limit your data use, you can lower your online video quality to save data. Video quality depends on display…

More People Streaming Twitch During the Coronavirus Crisis

By Stephen Kota / February 25, 2020
Person using a tablet

As government lockdowns and fears of catching or spreading COVID-19 force people inside, many are turning to Twitch to stay entertained. In the last few months, the streaming site has seen more hours watched, hours streamed, and concurrent viewers than ever before. Viewers are Spending More Time on Twitch Between January and March 2020, people…

Grow Your Rural Business with Online Video

By Stephen Kota / January 12, 2019
Camera In Production Studio

At any given moment, most people using the internet on their phone, tablet, or computer are streaming video. In fact, online video now makes up a full 80% of worldwide internet traffic. By including online video in your digital marketing efforts, your rural business can reach the many people looking for video content online. Online…

10 Best-Selling Video Games to Check out in 2019

By Stephen Kota / January 12, 2019
Spider Man Kicking Villain

Are you looking for a new game to spend your time on in the new year? From Red Dead Redemption II to Marvel’s Spider-Man, last year was full of exciting new video game releases that deserve a second look in 2019. Amazon’s “Best Sellers of 2018 in Video Games” is as good a place as…

Nintendo Switch Just Keeps Getting Bigger

By Stephen Kota / January 31, 2018

It’s been almost two years since Nintendo launched its successful, first-generation Switch console. They’ve been two years of relatively steady growth for Nintendo’s hardware branch. The console has gathered a loyal following of users, putting Switch on par with predecessors like the Wii U and, some say, the revolutionary Wii console itself. If you aren’t…

Rural Influencers Reach People Through Live Video Streaming

By Stephen Kota / July 18, 2017

As the world transitions from traditional network television to online video streaming, one aspect of television has, until recently, been conspicuously absent: the live broadcast. While video streaming offers customers the convenience of on-demand choice, it hasn’t been able to offer up the urgency of live sports or breaking news. Today, new initiatives from network…

Final Fantasy XV: The Biggest Game Leak

By Stephen Kota / November 29, 2016

Official Release Date: November 29th 2016 The official release date for the much-anticipated fifteenth installment of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XV, is November 29 of this year. The release date hasn’t, however, stopped gaming stores in Peru, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere from breaking the street date and selling the game early to eager…

The Hidden Cost of Online Video Gaming: How Much You Pay, per Hour, to Game Online

By Stephen Kota / November 18, 2016

Have you ever wonder about how much you are paying to play online gaming in your rural community where the only viable options include point to point wireless, satellite internet (not a viable choice for head-to-head video games) or 3G and 4G LTE wireless? Well, join me for some data driven dollars and sense information.…

Data & A Movie: How Streaming a Movie on Your Tablet Can Cost You up to $28

By Stephen Kota / November 10, 2016

For folks who have transition to country living, watching your favorite movie(s) is just not that simple anymore. You must now consider the cost of the actual rental plus the cost of your allocated monthly block of data from your satellite internet or wireless internet service provider. A typical streaming rental will put you out…

Don’t Kill Your Television Just Yet: Broadcast Viewership Decreases, Television Use Increases

By Stephen Kota / August 25, 2016

Broadcast television is no longer the most household’s primary source of information or entertainment. The internet – with its Google search, its YouTube, and its Netflix – has taken over the information and “trash television” superhighways. The television is, however, far from a superfluous device. A Pivotal Research Group study found that, despite watching less…

4G LTE Failover