Out with a Whimper: Verizon Stopped Throttling 3G and No One Noticed

By Stephen Kota / March 18, 2016

Subscribers on any of Verizon’s unlimited 3G plans now have truly unlimited Internet. In a recent website update, the carrier revealed that it stopped throttling 3G accounts back in June. Throttling, the practice of slowing down users’ speeds once they reach an arbitrary data limit, affected 5% of the carrier’s unlimited 3G subscribers [1]. None…

Telecom Huawei Makes Bold 5G Predictions

By Stephen Kota / March 18, 2016

Chinese telecom provider Huawei has been making 5G headlines before anyone else. Back in 2014, the provider accepted a bold partnership with Russian provider MegaFon to build a 5G network for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Then, in October of this year, it announced that field tests of its 5G technology had exceeded…

Dial-Up and Beyond: Internet Options for the Rural User

By Stephen Kota / March 18, 2016

When it comes to accessing the Web from a remote location, people tend to think in terms of limits instead of in terms of options. While it’s true that rural users are often too far from a local loop to qualify for cable or DSL, there are actually multiple other ways to sign online from…

Rise Broadband: $16.9 Million for Rural Development in Five States

By Stephen Kota / March 17, 2016
Rise Broadband Logo

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) announced that, out of the 181 companies that submitted 575 bids for its Rural Broadband Experiment, mobile broadband provider Rise Broadband won a coveted $16.9 million contract to develop high-speed networks in rural Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Texas. With the establishment of the Rural Broadband Experiment in 2014, the…

Snap, the Job’s a Game: Snapchat Demonstrates Promising Potential for Marketers

By Stephen Kota / March 16, 2016

After three years of operating without a revenue stream, mobile app Snapchat is making a powerful play for advertisers’ attention. In late June, Snapchat launched an official website dedicating to informing and attracting future advertisers. Less than a week later, the company’s CEO Evan Speigel pushed Snapchat’s advertising potential to a group of 6,000 advertising…

4G LTE Failover