Do Freelancers Need an Internet Failover?

As internet outages increase around the world, cable and fiber internet connections are less reliable than ever. These outages are often unavoidable and outside your control as an internet user. For example, a small reconfiguration error at an upstream system provider was all it took to cut off service to Comcast, Spectrum, Verizon, Cox, and RCN for more than an hour.

Many freelancers will benefit from an internet failover, which protects you from internet outages caused by heavy network traffic, damaged cables, sabotage, or system failure. As a freelancer, an internet outage can be hard to handle – especially if you have meetings with clients or you’re working on a strict deadline. In these situations, an outage can undermine your professionalism.

A wireless failover is a backup internet option that keeps you online when your primary internet connection cuts out. With an internet failover in place, you won’t need to miss meetings with clients or lose critical hours of work when your cable or fiber internet connection goes offline.

Stay in Contact with Clients

Because freelancers typically work remotely, effective online communication with clients is an important part of the job. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, disagreements, and even professional liability lawsuits. As a freelancer, you might use video apps like Zoom, chat apps like Slack, or task management apps like Asana to communicate with clients.

An internet outage can keep you from accessing the apps you use to stay in contact with clients. While most internet outages only last a few hours, going AWOL can have its consequences. If it happens at the wrong time, an internet outage can force you to miss time-sensitive meetings or messages from clients – which can affect your relationships with clients.

Freelancers Can Work Through an Internet Outage

Even if it doesn’t disrupt client communication, an internet outage can have a negative effect on your productivity. Not only does it keep you from accessing any online applications you might use for work, but dealing with an internet outage can sap your energy. Even if internet providers are aware there’s an outage, troubleshooting while they fix the problem can take a lot of time.

An internet failover lets you work through an internet outage while your primary internet provider troubleshoots the issue on their own. Your internet router will automatically connect to the failover when your primary connection is down, and switch back as soon as it’s back online.

Fixed Wireless is a Reliable Internet Failover for Freelancing

Fixed wireless internet is a wireless 5G or 4G LTE connection installed on a Wi-Fi router. It connects to the internet via local cell towers – exchanging internet data over the same radio frequency bands as cell phones, but it’s much stronger than a cell phone or a mobile hotspot.

Wireless internet connections are less vulnerable to physical damage than wired connections. For this reason, many people use fixed wireless internet as a failover internet option that automatically kicks in if their primary cable or fiber connection goes down for any reason.

Fixed wireless internet is a reliable wireless failover connection and a fast-primary internet option for rural businesses without cable or fiber access. Start a chat now or give us a call at 866-439-6630 to find a reliable fixed 5G and 4G LTE option from a top no-contract carrier.

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