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Rhoonet; This Is Our Story

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In 1997, I was an integral part of the sales and marketing team that launched

the first residential satellite Internet product, DirecPC. Now known as HughesNet, the service currently has over 1.5 million customers worldwide.

Throughout the years, the product has stayed true to its original intent – to provide high speed Internet to rural customers so they can browse, email, stream media, video chat, and learn online.

While working with DirecPC’s rural customers, I found that accessing reliable, fast, and inexpensive Internet was sometimes nearly impossible for people in remote areas. To remedy what, in my opinion, was a lack of unbiased interest in rural consumers’ plight, I founded Rhoonet.

Rhoonet is a community of industry insiders, researchers, and rural users dedicated to informing rural consumers of their best Internet options. From Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to Skype, from online gaming to Netflix, we

examine the issues from a rural perspective and you give us your two cents.

Among our more ambitious projects is our rural ISP directory, to which both our staff and visitors contribute. The directory is a continuously revised list of the country’s rural ISPs, their products, their pricing, and their customer satisfaction. It’s a quick and easy guide for rural users looking for the right provider.

The Internet is the bloodline of contemporary communication, entertainment, commerce, and education. It is crucial, then, for rural consumers to have access to services like video streaming, online gaming, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in the same way urban consumers do.

We research and write informative and compelling stories that enrich the way rural consumers and businesses use the internet and the numerous products and services that feed off of the World Wide Web.

Indeed, the Internet has changed the way we work, play, socialize, communicate, learn and travel…we have truly come a long way from the horse and buggy!

Let’s ask questions, provide answers, take some advice and work together!

This is Rhoonet. And, this is our story. Let’s start the conversation.

Steve Kota

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