Leveraging the Fastest 5G and Vast 4G LTE Coverage Areas

It’s time for you to leverage the largest and fastest 5G solution and our nationwide 4G LTE coverage to meet and facilitate all of your high-speed broadband needs. Rhoonet provides several Fixed Wireless Internet rate plans offering both reliability and flexibility without annual service agreements. We also provide solutions for Remote Work, Asset Tracking, Business Internet, fleet management and Internet of Things.

Our Solutions

Remote Work

Whether you are a helpdesk professional, a customer service expert or sales manager for a small mom and pop shop, or a vice president for a Blue-Chip company, our Home or Business internet service can solve your connectivity issues by providing a reliable high-speed secured connection for your devices.

Work from anywhere, any time.


Asset Tracking

Take your asset and trailer management to the next level.

Enhance productivity and efficiency with greater visibility to the location and status of your trailers and assets—all while protecting your investments will give your organization visibility to the entire fleet of vehicles, trailers, and powered assets—all on the same screen.


Business Internet

Our Small Business Internet provides you a better choice for keeping your small, large, or medium size business always connected at a speed that is reliable, secured, and flexible on a fixed wireless 5G network bundled with a 5G router for one set price.

No annual service agreement.


Business Fleet Tracking

Fleet management is about gathering data to know where all of your drivers and fleet are located.

It’s also about:

  • Improving fuel management (savings on fuel consumption)
  • Reducing idle times
  • Improving driver safety
  • Optimizing routes travelled.

Internet of Things

Our IoT solutions comes with a robust building block of connectivity while leveraging our incredible 4G LTE and largest 5G network to help you build a better monitoring solution for homes, farming, cities, buildings, and more.

Our technology is designed to help you connect, monitor, and enhance a variety of devices to include a connectivity management platform to tailor-fit a solution for your business.